Haven’t you always wished that it could be as simple as choosing the right codes for the patient encounter? Now you can stop all the guesswork with CodeRite. That is because our service minimizes under billing errors and accelerates the reimbursement process. By the time you are reading this, the ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition has become a reality for practicing physicians. But the new coding rules still have many practitioners, practice mangers and medical billers worried – and for good reason. With an increase from 13,000 ICD-9 codes to over 67,000 ICD-10-CM codes, the change is a significant one.

ICD-10 brings with it a lot of benefits – improved quality measurement, reduced errors in diagnosis coding, and improved response times to public health issues -just to name a few. When your office adds WebifyMD’s CodeRite service to its billing practices, a dedicated Certified Code Specialist provides the personalized touch of reviewing each and every claim submission on your behalf. Think of it as a ‘Revenue Safety Net’ that is always just a phone call away, ensuring that your practice is getting the maximum reimbursement for every patient encounter.

In today’s ever evolving healthcare landscape, we are confident that you will find the CodeRite solution to be the perfect balance between revenue optimization and steadfast compliance.

Features & Benefits:

  • 24-hour turnaround
  • AAPC/AHIMA certified coders
  • Helps prevents under billing
  • Seamlessly connected to thousands of payers
  • Leverages in-office training efforts
  • Works within your practice workflow
  • Real time reporting and charting capabilities
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