Preparing for a CMS audit can be a stressful and time consuming process. WebifyMD AAPC/AHIMA certified specialists can help your practice stay in compliance with a comprehensive accuracy review service aimed at identifying any coding, billing or reimbursement problems. We understand that people can make mistakes from time to time that may, in turn, impede your practice’s cash flow. Our accuracy review of your billing files can identify mistakes as well as assist in making the necessary changes so as to prevent the errors from reappearing in the future. Long term improvements to your work flow is accomplished through the sharing of this valuable information as well as hands on professional training that we can provide for your staff. Isn’t it the intention of every practice to maintain the highest level of compliance and receive the very best reimbursement allowable under the law?

After completion of our audit, we prepare an easy to read and detailed report of our findings. But our service goes well beyond a simple error report. As your billing partner we will take every step necessary to support your practice in the training and implementation of documentation techniques that will result in fewer claim denials, improved reimbursement payments and a reduced exposure to risk. We can offer chart audits for any size practice, from single physician to multiple site clinics. Accurate, comprehensive, actionable ~ uncover mistakes before they become problems.

Features & benefits:

  • Protect against audits
  • Identify charting errors
  • Prevents under billing and improves reimbursement
  • Easy to interpret reports
  • AAPC/AHIMA certified reviews
  • Assistance in implementation and training on corrective actions


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